Premier Bio-Cup Quiz

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1. The Premier Bio-Cup test is...?
A preliminary drug screen
A confirmatory test
Testing how intoxicated someone is
None of the Above

2. Inconclusive results should be read at...?
2 Minutes
5 Minutes
As soon as they appear
60 Minutes

3. Which of the following describes a step in preparing a restroom for a urine collection?
Turn off water sources (sink faucets)
Backpacks and purses should remain out of the restroom
Remove all substances that may be used to adulterate urine specimen (Soaps, disinfectants, cleansing agents)
All of the above

4. A normal temperature range for a urine specimen is...?
80-90 Degrees Fahrenheit
90-100 Degrees Fahrenheit
101-104 Degrees Fahrenheit
Not necessary to verify temperature

5. A Premier Bio-Cup may be used after the expiration date if...?
The Premier Bio-Cup has not been open and has remained in sealed pouch
The Premier Bio-Cup has been frozen
The Premier Bio-Cup should never be used after expiration date
The Premier Bio-Cup is within 1 month of expiration date

6. A test line that is very light in intensity compared to other test lines..?
Should be considered invalid
Should be interpreted as negative
Should be interpreted as inconclusive
Should be re-run since the results are questionable

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7. According to the results in the image above, this drug test panel indicates negative results for...?

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8. According the results in the image above, this drug test panel indicates an inconclusive result for...?

9. Premier Bio-Cup test results are stable for...?
5 minutes
Between 5-10 minutes
For 60 minutes
For Two Hours

10. If the temperature of a specimen is not within normal range...?
Assume the donor recently drank a cold beverage
Specimen should be considered invalid and another sample should be collected
If the specimen is negative, it is acceptable
Accept results if the color is normal

11. When no control line appears at 5 minutes you should…?
Report the result as inconclusive
Shake the specimen cup gently
Report the result as invalid and the results must not be used
Report the result as adulterated

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